In theatres 14 february 2019

Oh, Ramona! is a teen rom-com film adaptation of the best-selling novel Suck it, Ramona! Andrei, the main character, tells the story of his adolescence as seen through his eyes, with the good and bad parts in it, with a healthy dose of humour and self-irony. The film portrays Andrei torn between the two girls he loves and how he’s forced to become a man. Who will he end up with? It's like choosing between ice cream and pancakes...  


Cristina Jacob


Andrei Ciobanu, Alex Coteț, Cristina Jacob


Bogdan Iancu, Aggy K. Adams, Holly Horne, Basil Eidenbenz, Leonardo Boudreau, Andromeda Godfrey, Melanie Ebanks